Japanese-style inn Yamanoyu

Inn for heal and rest

 It is built in the highest
point of Kanbayashionsen.

 For its stillness, Fumiko Hayashi, Sakae Tsuboi or some
more writers settle down and
made masterpieces here.

 The room is still in
existence that
Meshi was
written by Fumiko Hayashi or
Nijyushinohitomi was written
by Sakae Tsuboi.

 Fragrance of masterpieces and silence like time is stopping
heal us.

Fumiko Hayashi loved Shinsyu

from before
the world warⅡ,

especially loved the

sceneryin Kanbayashionsen.

Sakae Tsuboi wrote in a postscript

I was written this book for 2

in one inn that is in the

of Shinsyu.

inn isYamanoyu

Inn Information

Rooms  6

Bath rooms  men 1 women 1

Reservation and inquiry are as follows:

It would cost 8650 yen for one night, including
two mealsper person.
You can pay cash using japanese currency. 
Credit card can not be used
Only a japanese yen is available


Kanbayashionsen Yamanouchimachi Simotakaigun Nagano Japan

TEL 0269-33-2267

FAX 0269-33-2267